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Top 5 graphic designing bloggers


Jacob Cass

He runs a great blog, does great design work. He also used to work at Carrot Creative. Jacob was one of the first designer come blogger guys to pioneer it on his own site. He also changed his award winning JCD pencil logo at the same time too. Jacob’s blog is clean, responsive and most importantly, He has a website that allows the user to read without becoming distracted.



Graham Smith

Graham has a serious amount of content on his blog and it’s chock full of great information. Posts such as You Might Want to Read This act as “public service” posts for the general public/business owners/entrepreneurs etc and also have professional graphic designers nodding their heads approvingly.

Graham also shares a wealth of brand identity process posts on his website. There are also numerous free available downloads such as his logo spec sheets and brand identity guideline packs. He’s not secretive (just about one certain portfolio piece) and he’s always open for a Twitter natter. I think Graham looks at his blog as a place to help other designers, and that’s what is great about him.

Chris Spooner

 Chris Spooner is a massive name in the world of online graphic designers. What started out as a small blog to run alongside his creative work has morphed into one of the go to blogs on the internet for tutorials, resources and techniques. As well as which is all about graphic design

Chris’ blogs are full of inspiration, ideas, techniques and tutorials that can help even the most accomplished graphic and web designers improve. Chris has an article for that. Chris runs a great Links of the Week feature, bringing the newest and most exciting tidbits from around the web.

Will Carey

Will Carey runs WAC Design in the heart of Birmingham. Will Carey is very active in helping promote the Design Forums, and the design community, and has interviewed me on occasion for his site.

On Will’s blog you will find a whole host of great content; articles, interviews, news and more. Every week, Will runs a featured called The Creative Chair in which he interviews and talks with people across a range of creative disciplines. Will has featured creatives from the fields of graphic design and photography as well as absurd (yet interesting) creative fields like taxidermy.


Digital arts from IDG

Digital arts is a best blogger website for graphic designing blogs inspiration you can see here many blogs related to graphic designing  such as the best new design books. How to remove backgrounds in Photoshop and many more


What is colour wheel

Hello friends today we talk about colour wheel.

Issac newton invented the colour wheel. Colour wheel has 12 colours they are those colours which we see in spectrum. Colour wheel is divided into three colours catagory

•1. primary colours

•2. Secondary colours

•3. Tertiary colours

1.primary colours . primary colours are very important colours in colour wheel because all colours in colour wheel are drived from primary colours.

2. Secondary colours. Secondary colours are those colours which we get from the mixture of two primary colours.

3. Tertiary colours. Tertiary colours are those colours which we get from the mixture of primary and secondary colours